Business Formation


Business Formation

Starting a business can be tricky. There is paperwork, filings, payments, etc. With our help we can assist in helping you start your business! There are many different types of businesses including corporations, limited liability companies, professional associations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. It can be confusing to learn the differences between them  on your own, which is why we are here to help you find the best fit for you tax wise & liability wise.

What does this process look like?

  • We first discuss with you what type of business you want to create and what seems like your best option based on your business goals and tax concerns.
  • Once you have laid out all the information for your business then we can prepare and submit your paperwork to the Secretary of State.
  • After submission, we wait for the business paperwork to be accepted and sent back from the Secretary of State’s Office and help put together your business portfolio and corporate kit. 

Here are a few of the thousands of LLCs and C-Corps we have helped create:


Karma German Imports Repairs and Service Center, INC

Marshall Enterprises, INC

Gourmand, INC

Greywind Capital LLC

Injury Claims Solutions LLC

Kimble LLC

EHRL Consulting, INC


My Little Business, INC

The Chouf LLC

The Vine Enterprises, INC

Warrior Solution Group, INC

NeuroSupport Services, INC


La De Da Desserts, INC


You can feel confident knowing that you have a faithful law firm taking care of your business formation, as have the few listed above and the thousands not listed.