Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

In the United States the criminal justice system does not treat all individuals equally or fairly. Individuals have their rights stripped from them on a daily basis. We can assist in advocating for your rights if you allow us to investigate the facts surrounding the charges against you. We can assist you and hopefully prevent you from serving time in jail or on probation. 

Under the criminal justice system, criminal charges are either misdemeanors or felonies. Any charge that carries a potential sentence of 1 year or less if a misdemeanor. Charges against you may result in serious consequences and can affect your future livelihood if not handled swiftly and promptly by an attorney. We have over 47 years experience dealing with both misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. We believe with our experience we can assist you in minimizing the anxiety of your court experience.

Common Questions

The police have called me in for an interview, do I have to go?

No you do not. You should not talk to the police without your attorney present. Do not go to the police station or give any information without talking to your attorney or having your attorney present. The police can communicate with your attorney if they need to talk with you. 

What happens if I do not show up for my court date?

Depending on the judge and courtroom, the Judge could place a warrant out of your arrest due to your failure to appear.  At this point your license will be suspended.