Wills & Healthcare Power of Attorney



Wills & Healthcare Power of Attorney

Dividing up your property and belongings is generally not an easy or desirable task. By allowing us to assist you in this process, you have the benefit of our experience in looking out  for the simplest way to prepare your estate for the benefit of your descendants. We walk you through the process of leaving what property to which person and whom you desire as executor to carry out your intentions.

Georgia’s Health Care Power of Attorney, acts as a “living will” and allows your desires to be understood and documented in a time of need. This can give peace of mind that your loved ones are able to follow your health wishes if you are unable to make such decisions for yourself.

Once your will is created and meets all your needs, we will have you come into the office to sign your official will as well as have two disinterested witnesses sign it. We also can have the will notarized in our office, as we have two notaries available. 

    Common Questions

    What if something changes in my life and I want to change my will after we have created one?

    Life happens and things change, rest assured knowing that it is simple for us to make modifications to your will and are happy to do so. 

    What if someone I left things to in my will predeceases me?

    We will have language set up in the will on how to address that matter, or we can change it after the fact. Either way, we are able to make the changes you want.